July 2011 Reflections



Well here we are in July and we really are right into winter, with cold, rainy weather and rugged up in coats, scarves and boots to keep out the chills. As we enter the new financial year many of you have just lodged, or are about to start on your annual tax return. If you are like me, you possibly dread having to get together all the paperwork in readiness for preparing your return. Why do so many of us have this feeling when it comes to dealing with finances and money?

Our relationship with money is a complex issue and is often affected by our early experiences. If money is something that was in short supply when we were growing up, we can become very fearful about this as adults. We may be insecure and worry that we won’t have enough even though we may be earning a good income.

Those people who were lucky enough to grow up in families where money was never an issue, often have little idea how to save or plan and have a very relaxed, casual approach to money even when money is not so plentiful later on in their life. There are also the risk takers, who free of the fear that often accompanies our relationship with money, always seem to able to attract money to them when they need it – people who invest in new ventures and often lose money, then regain it later.

For most people money represents the ability to make choices in life – to have access to good education and health care, to provide for our families, to have secure accommodation and to enjoy a satisfactory standard and quality of life. Think about your own relationship with money. Are you a spendthrift, a saver, a generous giver, a miser or do you rarely think about it – only worrying about it when you do not have it? The wellknown idiom “the love of money is the root of all evil” is a reminder of when money becomes a goal in itself and not merely a means to enable us choice and freedom in our lives. The real value of money is in how we use it – whether we use it to increase security, options and independence or whether it is used to exploit, exclude or oppress others.

Thinking about money and the value of it, what are you worth? Do you ever stop to think about your value? Ask yourself - what do I add to the world around me? Think about all of the people in your personal and work life who rely on you or where your contribution makes a difference. Do you feel valued and appreciated by the people around you or do you sometimes think your efforts and skills go unnoticed. Do you value yourself? Many of the clients who come to see me for counselling have low self esteem and doubts about their self worth. This can arise from difficulties in personal relationship or may be the result of conflict in the workplace. Recently I have been seeing many clients who are very unhappy in their jobs because of feeling unfairly treated by their boss or are being bullied/harrassed. The damage to their confidence and self worth is huge.

If you are having problems in your workplace, don’t just put up with it or start looking for another job. Counselling with me can assist you to develop skills and strategies to deal with this. Give me a call on 0438 855328 and start valuing yourself.


MELBOURNE CAREER EXPO – Fri. 29th July - Sun. 31st July – Melbourne Exhibition Centre

As a member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) I will be volunteering at this Expo on the Sunday morning between 10 – 1 pm. providing assistance with career and resume checks. If you or your friends/family need any help or information about careers or study, come along and take advantage of the vast array of resources and advice.



My colleague Andrea Hepner – Naturopath, (The Period Pain Guru) is offering a valuable seminar for women of all ages who experience problems with their hormones called “Hormones Gone Wild”. This is an opportunity to learn how to prevent many hormonal imbalances, what foods to eat, relaxation strategies and how to look after yourself better.

When: Sat. 6th Aug. 2 - 5 pm

Venue: Surrey Hills

Cost: $67. Bring a friend for $3.00 extra

Bookings & Enquiries: Call 1300 21 44 25