June 2011 Reflections

                             WINTER EDITION                                                                             



As we enter the beginning of winter, we are reminded of the change of seasons and how this is sometimes believed to affect our

moods. However, contrary to popular belief there is little scientific evidence to support the view that weather has any significant affect

on human emotions.  Studies by Watson 2000 and Keller et al (2005) found that there was some affect on people’s negative moods so

if people were depressed the winter tended to make them feel worse.  Denisson et al. (2008) suggested the idea of weather affecting

our mood may be culturally transmitted.


Melbournians are obsessed by the weather and we laugh about our notorious 4 seasons in a day weather pattern. How many of us

never leave the house without checking the forecast so we know how to dress? Some of you may be dreading the thought of cold,

rainy days and grey skies and having to discard your lighter clothes for overcoats and umbrellas.   There are of course a small

percentage of people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), however, for the majority of us perhaps it is more about

accepting that the change of seasons brings different options and opportunities and it is our attitude to these changes that is



Winter brings opportunities to enjoy lovely hearty foods such as warming casseroles and soups, to hibernate away with a good book

or to curl up with friends and partners around a cosy fire (a rare thing these days) and catch up on great movies/dvds.  For many

people it is a time to don the colours of their favourite team and enjoy the excitement of the football or to head off up to the



Some people find that colour affects their mood.  Think about buying yourself a bright, quirky umbrella and some colourful winter items

and see the difference it makes.  The ability to enjoy the outdoors may have more to do with our moods than the actual temperature,

so if you are feeling down, rather than stay cocooned inside, try some exercise - rug up warmly and head off to the park or the beach

for a brisk walk along the sand and breathe the fresh air and embrace winter. 



Talking of cocoons and winter dressing, my friend and colleague Karyn Humble, Image Consultant, is running an exciting 1 day event

for women at the end of the month.  I will be a guest presenter at this workshop and I encourage as many women as possible to come

along and join us for a fun day of confidence building, fashion and much more.






Work together in a fun interactive one day event with like-minded women discovering the secrets that build confidence

 inside and out. Shine from the inside & glow on the outside as you dress to suit your personality, figure type and colourings

 and learn lots of tips on dressing and beauty.  Be inspired to be your best.


                                         This event is on Sun 26th June at Doncaster Eastern Golf Club.


                                                    Go to www.enhancedlife.com.au for booking details.


                                                           Early bird discount applies until 18th June.