May 2011 Reflections





As May is the month we celebrate Mothers’ Day, it is a good time to think about how we women care for

ourselves.  Often we are so busy looking after other people in our lives, we don’t make time to look after our

own wellbeing.


Women often pride ourselves on being multi taskers – unlike men whom we often joke seem only able to do one

thing at a time.  Unfortunately our multi tasking can lead to us doing too much and feeling depleted, with little

time to think about our own needs.


In my practice I see many women who are exhausted and stressed as a result of trying to be “superwomen” –

working in busy jobs, caring for children or taking on responsibility for elderly relatives. There is little wonder they

sometimes get to a point where it is all too much and they wonder what is happening to them.  One of the things

I focus on with them is self care. 


When I ask women what they do for themselves, they talk about how they try to squeeze in a few things they

like to do, but usually end up saying that by the time they run the kids to their activities, rush home from work to

cook dinner and spend the weekend cleaning the house, there is not enough time.  They make themselves the

last priority and therefore miss out.


When was the last time you took time out to do something special for yourself?


Mother’s Day, despite its commercialism, is a great opportunity to enjoy being looked after, so make the most of

breakfast in bed, a lovely meal cooked by someone else or what ever special treat your family has planned for

you.  However, what I would encourage you to do is to set up your own Self Care Plan for the rest of the year.


Take time to think about the things that make you feel good which you have not done for a while and write them

down.    Make sure you include exercise, social activities, relaxation and some pampering.   It is a good idea to

share your plan with your family and talk about any assistance you may need from them to enable your plan to

be put into action.


Remember, when you look after yourself, you are more able to have the energy to care for those who are

important to you.  Self care is not about being selfish, it is about your wellbeing and getting the most out of life.




I am offering all new women clients who book during May a 50% discount on their first session, so if you are

thinking about making some changes and choices in your life or work, or want to learn more about looking after

yourself better, then do take advantage of this offer.

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                                              HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY