February 2011 Reflections



Welcome to the first edition of Reflections for 2011. Now that most of us have enjoyed a break over the Christmas and New Year period and are back in our normal routine, I thought it was an ideal time to talk about setting goals for what we might want in our lives for the year ahead. One of the goals I have set for myself this year is to send out a regular Newsletter to keep in touch with past and current clients and to pass on some of my thoughts and ideas which may be useful to you. This month I am talking about one of my favourite topics - making changes and choices.

Some of you may be thinking of returning to study, re-entering the workforce, finding a new job, achieving a better work/life balance, beginning or ending a relationship, starting a family, planning retirement or changing some aspect of yourself so you feel more relaxed, worry less, build self esteem, confidence, enjoy satisfying relationships or take better care of yourself by improving your physical and mental wellbeing.

Making change is seldom easy. It requires commitment, motivation, energy and persistence. It can be exciting, scary and it is easier if it involves choice. Think of a time in your life when you made a change which you wanted and how great you felt when you were successful. Choosing to commit to something which is important to you requires you to take action and use your abilities and personal strengths to keep on track even when it becomes difficult and you are tempted to give up because it all seems too hard or you get distracted and find an excuse not to proceed.

Sometimes change is thrust upon us and we may struggle to deal with the impact of an unexpected event such as the recent floods where people have had their lives dramatically changed. Many of these people are dealing with enormous loss and grief as they struggle to get back to some kind of normality. We all have read inspiring accounts of how they have been able to somehow pick up the pieces and start to rebuild their lives. Choosing to make a desired change, or learning to deal with an unwanted change, presents us with different challenges. Identifying options, setting goals and then taking action are the key steps in making or dealing with change. Sometimes we can get stuck when trying to decide between options, or knowing how to go about changing our behaviour or handling our self doubts, so it can be helpful to work with someone with skills and experience in this area.

If you are contemplating making a change or trying to adjust to a change in your life and would like assistance, I can support you in identifying goals, exploring options, making choices and overcoming any barriers. Why not give me a call on 0438 855328 to arrange an appointment and start making changes and choices in your life today?